The compensation event has started!

Locations: Atlans, Kanturu, Lost Tower, Tarkan and Aida

Event: Golden Rabbits Invasion

Time: 14:00 Server Time
Event End: 01:00 Server Time

Recently made updates (PatchNote#2): Read more!
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07 09/2021

Server is up! Sorry for the inconvenience and long delay , there was a typo in the files won't happend again. There will be events hosted for the long maintenance time as a compensation. 
Check out for another annnouncement regarding the compensation event!

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06 09/2021

Greetings Fiery community!
A maintenance will be made to the server wich means we will restart the server wich only takes a few mins. 
We are also introducing some new upcoming updates such as a Weekly Lottery system, MU-Roulette System, Referal system that will be active later today or tomorow at the website. Custom Quest system will also get active after the restart of the server.

Time: 20:00 GMT+2
Duration: 3 minutes and then you can login again.


07 09/2021

We are working with new updates for the server frequently to improve the gameplay of our server. We have added more spots to some maps to improve the leveling and grinding a little. Theres been some configurations to the X-Shop aswell such as lowered the prices of some items in the X-Shop. You will have to download some files and replace them with the old files in your client folder to make the visual prices work properly. Custom quests will soon be available with new custom quests every week and the rewards are epic! 

Open up Client/Data/InGameShopScript/512.2018.006/ and replace these files with the new ones.

Download link X-Shop files download.

Maps with more monster spots
Lost Tower
Kanturu Ruins

Feel free to post any questions or suggestions at our Forums.



05 09/2021

The reset system have been adjusted a little bit. We have added a required item to make a reset . The required item for the resets is a new jewel added to our server called "Jewel of Dark Bless" It can upgrade a specific type of items to 6 instantly with one jewel. The list of items that can be upgraded with this jewel will be listed down here. You will have to kill a boss that drops this jewel it will be spawned on different spots with 3h respawn time. More items will be added in the future and more custom jewels with special abilitys.

Boss Name: Hydra

Location: Atlans , Vulcanus, more spots will be added.

Spawn time: every 3Hours

Updated reset requirements: 
Item requirement added
Item required reset 0-5 : 1 Jewel of Dark Bless
Item required reset 6-11 : 2 Jewel of Dark Bless
Item required reset 12-17 : 3 Jewel of Dark Bless
Item required reset 18-25 : 4 Jewel of Dark Bless 

Items that can be upgraded with the Jewel of Dark Bless 
Blood Angel set for all classes
Dark Angel set for all classes
Holy Angel set for all classes

Wings :
Level 2 Wings
Level 2.5 Wings
Level 3 Wings


30 08/2021
Currently this is only one server.