Sorry guys for the inconvenience, we are doing some minor fixes before we are up and running again , this may take 1hour or so , so please be patient with us.

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28 09/2021

Hey!, we would like to announce that we have adjusted the rewards in the "Daily Quests" Event. We have also been upgrading the rewards of the different ranks in Gens system. see the list below.

Daily Quest Update!

25th quest reward: Jewel of Dark Bless.

40th quest reward: Jewel of Dark Bless.

78th to 83rd quest reward: 1-8mil zen, 10-80 GoblinPoints, 300 Ruud.

  1. More monster spots added to Icarus map.
  2. More Gorgon monster spots added.
  3. Chaos Castle lv1-7 should now have Dark Bless as a reward.
  4. More monster spots added to Raklion map.
  5. Adjusted Chaos Castle event rewards.
  6. Blood Castle 7 should gives master exp now.
  7. Increased monsters on Acheron map and Uruk, Ubaid, Debenter.
  8. Lochs Feather now also has a chance of dropping from Queen Rainier monsters at Icarus map.
  9. Scroll of Gray Oblivion is now available on webshop! - Resets your master skill points.
  10. Crest of Monarch now has a chance to drop from Queen Rainier monsters on Icarus map.
  11. Adjusted ”Sphere” droprate on Kanturu map.
  12. Adjusted RageFighter skills Dragon Slasher and Dark Side.
  13. Made a ”Hall of Fame” toplist on the websites frontpage.
  14. Adjusted droprates of Kundun boss
  15. Adjusted angel drop rates on some maps.
  16. Nixie Lake and Acheron Nars now has a chance to drop excellent angel gear.
  17. "Purple Sheep Boss" added to Arena map. (read more here)


For more info about the Gens Ranking system Click Here

19 09/2021

VOTE4COINS Event has just started and will be ongoing for 1 week.

You will now get double rewards of coins per vote, enjoy!

Start Day: 16th September
End Day: 23rd September

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16 09/2021

Server is back up and running, were truly sorry for the downtime, it shouldn't happend, we will check this up with our host.

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16 09/2021

Daily Quest Updated!

At the 10th quest you will now get rewarded with a Jewel Of Dark Bless. We have also increased Daily Quest NPC duration to 3Hours instead of 1Hour.
You will now be able to do this once everyday.

Daily Quest Event
Quest Rewards :
Quest 1: 5 W-Coins and 1mil zen
Quest 2: 5 W-Coins and 250k zen,
Quest 3: 5 W-Coins and 250k zen
Quest 10: Jewel Of Dark Bless
Heart Of love for the rest of the quests.
Event Time: Everyday at 14:45 PM Server Time.
Npc located at X="130" Y="134" in Lorencia Map.

15 09/2021
Currently this is only one server.