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Information About Fiery MU

FieryMU Online Season 12 was created with the idea of making a server different from all the other servers and to provide the best and fair gameplay possible for everyone. FieryMU is using the concept of Play to Win with custom content and we got alot of daily events and features for a fun and fair gameplay. With our unique reset system that will give everyone a chance of climbing the toplists and to make it not too distant for new players to catch up with the old players. Just by playing our server will give you online time for just being online that you can exchange for F-Coins is one of many features. We offer alot of custom events and content to provide a fun and entertaining gameplay. Our server is PvP and grinding based wich means we have balanced it out with both PvP and grinding to get geared and increase in power. We are also frequently updating the server for a better gameplay!
Reset System: We have a unique reset system wich will be called as ”Part” for every time we increase the reset cap. The reset cap will be increased monthly with reset rewards that will be announced within the "parts" release aswell as any other info regarding that reset cap. For an example our first reset cap will be called ”Part 1” with the reset cap 25. At the end of every season will there be a ”Hall of Fame” of the top players of every class to be shown on the ”Hall of Fame” list of that reset cap.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Server Rates - Helion] - [Exp Rate: x150 - Dynamic Exp - (check guides)] - [Max Level: 400] - [Max Reset: 25 Resets (Part 1)] - [Required Lvl For Resets: lvl 400] - [Resets requirement for GrandReset: 25 Resets (Available Soon)] - [Drop Rate: Medium] [Master Exp: x25]
Currently this is only one server.